How To Install Mopeka ProCheck with Cerbo GX

How To Install Mopeka ProCheck with Cerbo GX

Before beginning make sure that you have updated to at latest version 2.8 of the Cerbo GX firmware. If you have not please see: Cerbo GX Firmware instructions

TL;DR: Settings → I/O → Bluetooth Sensors

These compact and wireless sensors provide real-time propane levels allowing you to monitor and track propane levels with ease. Even better they pair well with the Victron Cerbo GX and the data will show up on the VRM portal.

Let's go!

 It's best to only work with one Mopeka sensor at a time. Otherwise it can be difficult to figure out which sensor is which.  

  1. Select "Menu
    Select Menu
  2. Select "Settings"
    Select Settings
  3. Select "I/O
    Select I/O
  4.  Select "Bluetooth Sensors"
    Select Bluetooth sensors
  5. Select the ProCheck sensor you wish to activate and push the toggle button to activate it.
    Toggle your Mopeka sensor on
  6. Once you have toggled the sensor on. Go back to the main menu. Found in the Menu in step 1.
  7. The ProCheck sensor will show up as "Fuel Tank" in the devices list. It will also have a temperature associated with it. Select it.
    Select Fuel Tank
  8. Select "Device"
  9. Select "Name" and give it a name that describes it's location
    Name your Sensor
  10. Now push the back arrow in the upper left hand corner.
  11. Select "Setup"
    Select setup
  12. In the next step we will need to set the appropriate values for your propane tank. For tank values for a given propane tank size please see: Mopeka Tank Values
  13. Set Capacity, Sensor value when empty, Sensor value when full, and fluid type.
    Select correct values

Repeat these steps for each tank. The readings will be available on the tank overview page and on the VRM portal.

Overview Page Example

VRM Example
LP VRM example

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