Reverb Launches Ultrasonic Tank Sensors

Reverb Launches Ultrasonic Tank Sensors

Introducing the New Reverb Ultrasonic Sensor: Revolutionizing Liquid Level Monitoring for Recreational Vehicles, Vans, Marine and Overlanding Vehicles.

Reverb, a provider of innovative sensor solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of our first product, the Reverb Ultrasonic Sensor. Designed specifically for recreational vehicles, vans, and overlanding vehicles, this state-of-the-art sensor offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability in measuring the amount of liquid in holding tanks.

The Ultrasonic Sensor comes equipped with a 9-meter long cable, allowing for flexible installation options to accommodate various vehicle configurations. With a measuring range of 50mm to 500mm, this sensor provides precise and real-time liquid level readings, empowering vehicle owners with accurate information about their tank capacities.

One of the key advantages of our Ultrasonic Sensor is its seamless compatibility with the Victron Energy Cerbo GX and Tank 140 systems. By seamlessly integrating with these industry-leading products, users can effortlessly monitor their tank levels through a unified interface, streamlining the monitoring process and enhancing overall convenience.

To ensure maximum versatility, the Ultrasonic Sensor outputs voltage ranging from 0 to 5 volts, enabling users to interpret the liquid levels with ease. The sensor's advanced ultrasonic technology guarantees reliable performance, even in challenging environmental conditions, such as temperature variations and humidity.

"We are delighted to introduce our Ultrasonic Sensor, which addresses a critical need for accurate liquid level monitoring in recreational vehicles and overlanding vehicles," said Derek Long, Co-founder at Reverb. "With its wide measuring range, and compatibility with Victron Energy systems, this sensor sets a new standard for convenience and precision in the industry."

Key Features and Benefits of the Ultrasonic Sensor:

  • 9-meter long cable for flexible installation options
  • Measures liquid levels from 50mm to 500mm with exceptional accuracy
  • Perfectly pairs with the Victron Energy Cerbo GX and Tank 140 systems for seamless integration
  • Outputs voltage from 0 to 5 volts, providing easily interpretable liquid level data
  • Advanced ultrasonic technology ensures reliable performance in various environmental conditions

The Ultrasonic Sensor represents Reverb's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the user experience for RV enthusiasts and overlanding adventurers. 

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About Reverb: Reverb is a provider of sensor solutions for the RV industry. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and user convenience, we strive to deliver products that exceed expectations and enhance the overall experience for our customers. Our diverse range of sensors caters to the unique needs of RV'ers and vanlifers, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

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